Socialization, care, and observation of the animal.

When we first receive an animal, he/she is placed in a “holding area” to first assess their health.  From here, the animal is placed in a foster home.  If the animal has not been fully vaccinated, please minimize contact with other cats or dogs.

For foster dogs, crates are provided and we strongly encourage our foster homes to use them.  Foster dogs specifically should be kept on your property and away from off-leash parks, especially during the initial 14 day quarantine period.  This two week period of time allows us to evaluate the dog’s health and behavior.  Please supervise the dog carefully when in your yard to prevent any attempts to escape.

ARF deworms, vaccinates, alters, and microchips all animals prior to adoption.  Your foster home support team will book all necessary appointments for you and provide you with information regarding deworming schedules.  All medical care is provided by ARF.

Training your foster.

Training of ARF fosters will be done using POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT methods ONLY. ARF does not use any training devices (i.e. choke collars, spray bottles, noise makers,) or any form of force training (i.e. alpha role, muzzle grabs).

Canine foster homes are encouraged to attend the classes our trainer conducts in order to learn more about positive training and its beneficial, long term effects on the behavioral health of the dogs.  Our trainer is always available to help you learn more about training.